Manzoni Moscato IGT Veneto Passito

Mirella and her sweet embraces beneath a warm sun. Exactly like this passito, made from Manzoni Moscato grapes hand-harvested in October.
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Production areaChiaranoSoil typeClay
Vine trainingSylvozFormat375 ml

The wine matures for 18 months in steel tanks, then it ages in the bottle for a minimum of 4 months.


The grapes are hand picked in October and placed in special crates which are then placed in a ventilated room to dry. Once the desired sugar concentration has been achieved, the grapes are gently pressed and fermented at room temperature. When the final alcohol level is reached, the fermentation is stopped by using the cold shock method. Finally, the grapes are manually pressed to separate the wine from the skins.


Our land is a generous one, with a fine-textured, level landscape reaching from the hills to the sea, a countryside studded with vineyards inserted like so many tesserae in a noble mosaic. Our diverse nature creates an environment ideal for viticulture, which we have sub-divided according to exceptional qualities, whether aspect or soil composition. Those determined the stunning diversity of our estate vineyards, which in turn gifted us our three precious jewels. These three special-selection wines are authentic expressions of our land that combine immediate pleasure, majestic structure, and powerful cellarability.