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Raboso Frizzante

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The avid forager. Abundant, fleshy and moreish. Wander through the fields with your basket full.
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Production areaMarca TrevigianaSoil typeClaySecondary fermentation methodMartinotti Method (Charmat)
Vine trainingSylvozFormat750ml

After the harvest, the freshly picked grapes are taken to the cellar and de-stemmed. Subsequently a brief maceration is carried out in contact with the skins. The must is then racked and sent for fermentation which takes place at a controlled temperature between 16° and 18°. The secondary fermentation takes place with the Charmat method for about 30 days.


Borga’s 33 hectares of vineyards lie at 6m above sea level on the plains of the Municipality of Chiarano. Here, the soils are a mixture of sand, clay and silt, and our sites are characterised by small crops of walnut tree and poplar groves.

Our area is rich and abundant, thanks to the Piave river and its tributaries, both current and past, that supply us with plentiful water and micro and macro elements, from boron to phosphorus and potassium.
Arboreal vegetation hugs the banks of the Livenza river that crosses our territory, and we are surrounded by woods of ancient origin such as the famous “Bosco di Olmè” in Cessalto.

We feel part of this beautiful ecosystem, and
believe it is our duty to shout out loud about
this hidden gem of a winemaking area!